We are Kaden and Jake.

This was our first web page

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We have many friends and relatives and would like to share them all with you

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Happy 2nd Birthday to Kaden

Gran has more pictures on her site, have a peek at our visits back and forth
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Here are the pictures that we started with when we were babies.


June 2003


We are back with even more neat pictures, some with Nana and Pop

 July 2003 

More beautiful pictures from the Coast

   Our page is changing. Yes I said "our"

Jake has joined the family and now we have a page on Gran's site for both of us

I am very pleased to present my precious baby brother Jake Charlie


January to March 2003



October 2002

Halloween 2002


December 2002



June 2002


July 2002 Kaden's 1st Birthday



April 2002


May 2002



May and June 2002


Kaden's first page from birth to 6 months



In San Fransisco in February 2002

March 2002