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 S_2008-07-09-009 Flowers LC.JPG I was home recovering from some surgery and had some visitors from the coast.
 S_2008-07-13-003 Shooting Linda.JPG

Linda was here. Since I was not allowed in the pool, Linda played a little badiminton to my nerf gun.

Unfortunately I couldn't get her to quack.

 S_2008-07-13-002 Shooting Linda.JPG
 S_2008-07-13-048 Dinner LC.jpg  S_2008-07-13-049 Dinner LC.jpg

Linda cooked and we ate
 S_2008-07-13-044 Dinner LC.jpg
S_2008-07-13-052 Dinner LC.jpg S_2008-07-13-054 Pokey LC.jpg

Pokey checked out the pool

And Anne came to hang out for a couple of days

S_2008-07-14-003 Anne Visits.JPG

Of course. With Linda and Anne here we had to get some chicken wings at KC McFlys.
 S_2008-07-14-012 Wings.JPG  
 S_2008-07-14-009 Wings.JPG    S_2008-07-14-011 Wings.jpg    S_2008-07-14-013 Wings.JPG
S_2008-07-14-014 Wings.JPG
   S_2008-07-29-011 BACKYARD.jpg Laurie and the boys came to visit and swim with Pop and Nana
S_2008-07-25-001 Backyard.JPG S_2008-07-25-007 Backyard.JPG S_2008-07-29-009 Backyard.JPG
   S_2008-07-29-017 Backyard.JPG    S_2008-07-29-018 BACKYARD.jpg  
S_2008-07-31-010 Backyard.JPG S_2008-07-31-009 Backyard.JPG S_2008-07-31-020 Backyard.JPG
   S_2008-07-31-003 Backyard.JPG Laurie's office away from home?    
There are more visiting pictures in August. . . Stay tuned.

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