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 S_2008-01-20-027 Day 5.JPG

 Cruisin' on the GEM
 S_2008-01-16-050 New York.jpg

I have been so hectic with way too many things and it has been pointed out to me that I have not even posted my pictures of our January Cruise.


I have actually been putting a few pictures on the web but this year they are all about Quinn on her very own site. Go ahead, have a peek

 S_2008-01-16-004 Ready to Go.JPG Toronto airport heading for NY, NY It seems that this is not as enforced as it says  S_2008-01-16-007 NEW YORK.jpg
S_2008-01-16-062 Onboard Day 1.JPG Nothing like getting the party started right away S_2008-01-16-066 Onboard Day 1.JPG S_2008-01-16-068 Onboard Day 1.jpg
 S_2008-01-16-090 Onboard Day 1.jpg

This was one of the moments I most looked forward to.

Sailing by that beautiful Lady Liberty

Yes I had thoughts of the Columbian Caravan
 S_2008-01-16-085 ONBOARD DAY 1.jpg
S_2008-01-16-098 Onboard Day 1.jpg

Sue won!

S_2008-01-17-003 Win Lose or Draw George.JPG
 S_2008-01-17-007 DAY 2.jpg  S_2008-01-16-100 Onboard Day 1.jpg

Connected to home
 S_2008-01-16-102 Onboard Day 1.JPG  S_2008-01-17-005 Our Door.JPG
S_2008-01-17-008 DAY 2.jpg

Cruise wear?

S_2008-01-17-017Day 2.jpg

These pictures were taken in a bar on board the ship

S_2008-01-17-012 Day 2.jpg
S_2008-01-17-025 Day 2.JPG S_2008-01-17-029 Day 2.JPG
S_2008-01-17-032 Day 2.JPG

Cruise Critic Meet & Greet with the Captain and crew

S_2008-01-17-031 Day 2.JPG

Our Multi Talented Cruise Director

S_2008-01-17-033 DAY 2.jpg
S_2008-01-17-034 Day 2.jpg

Kimberly wins in the Casino

S_2008-01-18-020 Day 3.jpg S_2008-01-18-010 Day 3.jpg S_2008-01-18-014 Day 3.jpg

This bowling alley is in the same bar as the beds.

Interesting choices of entertainment.

 S_2008-01-18-035 Day 3.JPG  S_2008-01-18-036 Day 3.jpg Martini Clinic Time  S_2008-01-18-032 Day 3.JPG  S_2008-01-18-033 Day 3.JPG
     S_2008-01-19-024 Day 4.jpg

Chess anyone?
 S_2008-01-19-025 Day 4.jpg
S_2008-01-19-035 Day 4.JPG S_2008-01-19-036 Day 4.JPG S_2008-01-19-037a Day 4.JPG

Yes I did go on the slide a number of times

S_2008-01-19-043h KH.JPG S_2008-01-19-043b KH.JPG This comfy couch is poolside.
S_2008-01-19-048 Day 4.JPG S_2008-01-19-050 DAY 4.jpg S_2008-01-20-001g KH.JPG
S_2008-01-20-032 Day 5.JPG S_2008-01-20-001u KH.JPG S_2008-01-20-026d KH.JPG
S_2008-01-20-038 Day 5.JPG S_2008-01-20-053 Day 5.JPG S_2008-01-20-056 Day 5.JPG S_2008-01-20-065 Day 5.jpg S_2008-01-20-091 Day 5.JPG

Now this is football on the big screen. This TV was 18' X18'

Wonder what they did with it when there wasn't a football game?

Yup. People played Wii

S_2008-01-22-033b KH.jpg
S_2008-01-20-106 Day 5.JPG S_2008-01-21-011d KH.JPG S_2008-01-21-013a Day 6.JPG S_2008-01-20-105 Day 5.JPG S_2008-01-21-013b KH.JPG
S_2008-01-21-023k KH.JPG S_2008-01-21-025 Day 6.JPG S_2008-01-21-032 DAY 6.jpg Yeah Baby S_2008-01-21-035 DAY 6.jpg
S_2008-01-22-011b KH.JPG S_2008-01-22-023g KH.JPG
S_2008-01-22-036a Day 7.JPG S_2008-01-22-036b KH.JPG S_2008-01-23-007 Day 8.JPG S_2008-01-23-008e KH.JPG
S_2008-01-23-034c KH.jpg S_2008-01-23-011 Day 8.JPG S_2008-01-23-034a Day 8.JPG
The chocolate buffet. Yes these are all chocolate! S_2008-01-24-016 DAY 9.jpg S_2008-01-24-017 Day 9.JPG S_2008-01-24-026 DAY 9.jpg
S_2008-01-24-035 Day 9.JPG S_2008-01-24-041 Day 9.JPG S_2008-01-24-044 Day 9.JPG

Except for him.

This one is for Kimberly

S_2008-01-24-045 Day 9.JPG
S_2008-01-25-010f KH.JPG S_2008-01-25-005 Day 10.JPG A wavy day coming back S_2008-01-25-007a Day 10.JPG S_2008-01-25-027 Day 10.JPG
S_2008-01-25-040 DAY 10.jpg S_2008-01-25-066 Day 10.JPG Some of the Cruise Director Crew entertain us S_2008-01-25-053 DAY 10.jpg
S_2008-01-25-070 Day 10.jpg

This is actually bread

Welcome home as we approach the Hudson Bridge.

S_2008-01-26-003 Day 11.jpg
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