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Just pictures for now to get me caught up.

I will try to get back and add some design and stories a little later   

S_2007-08-07-005 Floors.jpg S_2007-08-07-010 Floors.JPG S_2007-08-07-015 Floors.JPG S_2007-08-07-020 Floors.JPG S_2007-08-07-025 Floors.JPG
S_2007-08-08-005 Floors.JPG S_2007-08-08-010 Floors.JPG S_2007-08-10-005 Floors.JPG S_2007-08-10-010 Floors.JPG S_2007-08-10-015 Floors.JPG
S_2007-08-10-020 Floors.JPG S_2007-08-11-005 FLOORS.jpg S_2007-08-11-010 FLOORS.jpg S_2007-08-11-015 FLOORS.jpg S_2007-08-11-245 CD Wedding.jpg
S_2007-08-11-385 CD Wedding.jpg S_2007-08-11-405 CD Wedding.jpg S_2007-08-11-425 CD Wedding.jpg S_2007-08-11-435 CD Wedding.jpg S_2007-08-11-455 CD Wedding.jpg
S_2007-08-11-550 CD Wedding.jpg S_2007-08-18-001 Steph Visit.JPG S_2007-08-18-002 Steph Visit.JPG S_2007-08-18-003 Steph Visit.JPG S_2007-08-18-004 Steph Visit.JPG
S_2007-08-18-005 Steph Visit.JPG S_2007-08-18-006 Steph Visit.JPG S_2007-08-31-008 Kenny.JPG S_2007-08-31-009 Kenny.JPG S_2007-18-19-001 Kenny Tomato.JPG
S_2007-18-19-002 Kenny Tomato.JPG S_CAA 2007-08-30-001 Motorcycle.JPG