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Just pictures for now to get me caught up.

I will try to get back and add some design and stories a little later   

S_2007-06-08-005 First Parent Pix.jpg S_2007-06-14-001 BBQ with Delores.jpg S_2007-06-14-003 BBQ with Delores.jpg S_2007-06-17-004 Fathers Day.jpg S_2007-06-17-005 DAVE P 25.jpg
S_2007-06-17-006 Dave P 25.JPG S_2007-06-17-007 Dave P 25.jpg S_2007-06-17-008 Dave P 25.jpg S_2007-06-23-004 Leeanne Bday.jpg S_2007-06-23-003 Leeanne Bday.JPG
S_2007-07-13-02 Harry and OoP.jpg