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D'Arcy & Carol celebrated 35 years of REAL wedded bliss on May 13 2007
S_2007-05-05-01 DArcy Carol Anv 35.JPG There were so many well wishers from so many of the diverse groups that they are involved with, we needed name buttons to keep us sorted out.
 S_2007-05-06-04 DArcy Carol Anv 35.JPG    S_2007-05-06-08 DArcy Carol Anv 35.JPG We didn't have a button for this little guy. but many of us couldn't resist a little doggy hug
There were many bands and lots of rockin' music to keep us enertained.
S_2007-05-06-09 DArcy Carol Anv 35.JPG S_2007-05-06-16 DArcy Carol Anv 35.JPG S_2007-05-06-20 DArcy Carol Anv 35.JPG
S_2007-05-06-14 DArcy Carol Anv 35.JPG S_2007-05-06-21 DArcy Carol Anv 35.JPG
 S_2007-05-06-17 DArcy Carol Anv 35.JPG Anne & Paul came from Owen Sound to celebrate with us  S_2007-05-06-19 DArcy Carol Anv 35.JPG  
S_2007-05-06-11 DArcy Carol Anv 35.JPG Some Maroon Marauders

Mother's Day

With Steve and Leeanne

We were so busy with scrap-booking and playing wth sports on TV we didn't actually get a bunch of pictures.

We had t get a few of the new outdoor wok that I won on an auction. This is a fun backyard item and cooks up some yummy and good for us veggies!

 S_2007-05-13-02 Mothers Day.JPG
 S_2007-05-13-03 Mothers Day.JPG    S_2007-05-13-04 Mothers Day.JPG    S_2007-05-13-07 Mothers Day.JPG
   S_2007-05-13-01 Mothers Day.JPG

 Item of note here. . .

Two weeks after this picture was taken the happy couple told us that Leeanne would be a Mommy in December.

Yahooooooo from Gran again


 After all of this I was jetting off to the West Coast to see lots of family and for two very special birthday celebrations.

Want to see? Just click on the picture on the left here and you can be wisked away to lots of fun and international partying.