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Remember the sitting room (aka destruction of the fireplace)?   Well, here we go with the painting.

   S_2007-04-01-03 Paint sitting room.jpg  
S_2007-04-01-04 Paint sitting room.jpg First, get the room and the paint ready

S_2007-04-01-07 Paint sitting room.jpg

   S_2007-04-01-05 Paint sitting room.JPG Have Pokey check the area and approve the colours
S_2007-04-01-10 Paint sitting room.jpg S_2007-04-01-11 Paint sitting room.jpg Taping and trimming ready
 S_2007-04-01-12 Paint sitting room.jpg  


Now for the painting

S_2007-04-01-14 Paint sitting room.jpg S_2007-04-01-13 Paint sitting room.jpg

One coat done means it is time for a BBQ lunch
 S_2007-04-01-16 Paint sitting room.JPG  S_2007-04-01-17 Paint sitting room.JPG  S_2007-04-01-18 Paint sitting room.jpg
S_2007-04-01-19 Paint sitting room.jpg Put on the second coat. , , and

We are done!
S_2007-04-01-24 Paint sitting room.jpg S_2007-04-01-22 Paint sitting room.jpg S_2007-04-01-23 Paint sitting room.jpg

Agnes and Monica Walk for MS

We had a great morning even with less than perfect weather.

Our walk took us 6km and just over 1 1/2 hours.

Along the route we met the grandparents and children walking and so many MS victims. This was a fabulous day for us and, we hope for the fight against MS.

Together we thank all of the you who were thougtful enough to sponsor us to the tune of over $1,200!
 S_2007-04-15-01 MS Walk.JPG  S_2007-04-15-02 MS Walk.JPG

S_2007-04-15-04 MS WALK.jpg

S_2007-04-15-05 MS Walk.JPG

It was an honour to walk in memory to Frank this year and we hope for many years to come.
 S_2007-04-15-06 MS Walk.JPG  S_2007-04-15-03 MS WALK.jpg
   S_2007-04-15-07 MS Walk.JPG  S_2007-04-15-08 MS Walk.JPG

We met and saw some fun and even some funny people all along the way.
 S_2007-04-15-10 MS Walk.JPG      S_2007-04-15-13 MS Walk.jpg  S_2007-04-15-11 MS Walk.jpg
 S_2007-04-15-14 MS Walk.jpg  S_2007-04-15-15 MS Walk.jpg

All done and coming back to the start by 11:30am. Wow.

We are faster than we thought!
 S_2007-04-15-17 MS Walk.jpg

Lunch at Kelsey's with Steve and Leeanne topped off the walk and a little modelling of our specially designed T's for the day
 S_2007-04-15-18 MS Walk.jpg
 S_2007-04-15-21 MS Walk.jpg

Agnes and Monica now challenge all of or friends and family who are able to join us next year as we put together a walking group.

Watch your email this next year for your walking information.
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