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Getting ready to go!
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Up Up and Away we go
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From. . .  

 to. . .


Beautiful. . .

Puerto Rico
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 S_2007-03-03-017 Cruise.JPG    S_2007-03-03-030 Cruise.jpg    S_2007-03-03-023 Cruise.JPG
S_2007-03-03-020 Cruise.jpg S_2007-03-03-021 Cruise.JPG
S_2007-03-03-024 Cruise.JPG S_2007-03-03-033 Cruise.jpg S_2007-03-03-031 Cruise.JPG
S_2007-03-03-034 Cruise.jpg

Just a Happy Birthday couple we met at the pool
S_2007-03-03-037 Cruise.jpg S_2007-03-03-036 Cruise.jpg S_2007-03-03-042 Cruise.jpg
S_2007-03-03-045 Cruise.jpg S_2007-03-03-044 Cruise.jpg
Here we go. One lovely evening in San Juan and then we sail away on our "Adventure" of the Sea. . .

Day 1

San Juan Day 1  Day2  Day3  Day4   Day5 Day6 DAY 7