...And More
S_2006-02-06-09 Texas.JPG

Here we are getting ready to board the Riverside Dreamer for our 3 hour tour wth the Captain and crew...

Not to worry we made it there and back with time to spare. No desert islands were in our future. There wasn't a millionaire (darn) or professor in sight.

S_2006-02-06-06 TEXAS.jpg
 S_2006-02-06-11 Texas.JPG  

 S_2006-02-06-08 TEXAS.jpg
   S_2006-02-06-07 Texas.JPG
S_2006-02-06-15 Texas.JPG S_2006-02-06-17 Texas.JPG

 S_2006-02-06-19 Texas.jpg

 S_2006-02-06-20 Texas.jpg
   S_2006-02-06-21 Texas.JPG
It was a great tour and a lovely day. Along the Rio Grande that barely separates Texas and Mexico
S_2006-02-06-23 Texas.jpg After all that relaxing on the Rio Grande it was lunch time and we found Pepe's on the River for some of the best ribs I have ever tasted. The atmosphere was pretty Texan and the staff were not only very nice but pretty interesting. S_2006-02-06-22 Texas.jpg
S_2006-02-06-25 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-06-24 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-06-28 Texas.JPG
 S_2006-02-06-33 Texas.JPG

 Is that ice in the river in Souther Texas???

It is but the guys from the resturant had just thrown it in there. Don't worry the Rio Grande did not freeze over due to the number of Winter Texans in the area

S_2006-02-06-34 Texas.JPG S_2006-02-06-35 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-06-36 Texas.JPG S_2006-02-06-37 TEXAS.jpg

Pepe's has an outdoor entertainment section by the river and we took a stroll after lunch.

Anne and Paul then strolled along a tiny board walk to take another look at the river before it was time to go.

S_2006-02-06-29 Texas.jpg

S_2006-02-06-30 Texas.jpg

S_2006-02-06-31 Texas.JPG

S_2006-02-06-32 Texas.jpg

S_2006-02-06-43 Texas.JPG

Capilla de la Lomita, the Lomita Chapel built in 1889

Anne, Paul and I did a some picture taking and some investigating at this really interesting site beside the river.

Getting Paul an Anne into chuch was such fun I had to take pictures.

S_2006-02-06-42 TEXAS.jpg
   S_2006-02-06-44 TEXAS.jpg  S_2006-02-06-46 Texas.JPG  S_2006-02-06-48 TEXAS.jpg  
S_2006-02-06-45 Texas.JPG S_2006-02-06-49 TEXAS.jpg S_2006-02-06-47 TEXAS.jpg
   S_2006-02-06-50 Texas.JPG    S_2006-02-06-54 Texas.JPG  

S_2006-02-06-51 Texas.JPG

S_2006-02-06-53 TEXAS.jpg
The landscape and trees are funny out here.
S_2006-02-06-58 Texas.JPG S_2006-02-06-59 Texas.JPG S_2006-02-06-60 Texas.JPG S_2006-02-06-56 Texas.JPG S_2006-02-06-57 Texas.JPG
S_2006-02-06-63 Texas.JPG S_2006-02-06-64 Texas.JPG S_2006-02-06-65 Texas.JPG S_2006-02-06-66 Texas.JPG
An old stone oven on the same property.    
S_2006-02-06-68 Texas.JPG
One of the selections of my "next" home and the tie downs that go with it.
S_2006-02-07-05 Texas.JPG S_2006-02-07-01 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-07-02 Texas.JPG S_2006-02-07-03 Texas.JPG S_2006-02-07-04 Texas.JPG
Yup, time to eat again and we needed some direction on this one...
S_2006-02-07-06 Texas.JPG S_2006-02-07-07 Texas.JPG S_2006-02-07-08 Texas.JPG
Blue Onion was an iteresting place with very BAD (meaning of cours very GOOD) deserts.
S_2006-02-07-10 Texas.JPG S_2006-02-07-11 TEXAS.jpg S_2006-02-07-12 TEXAS.jpg S_2006-02-07-13 Texas.JPG S_2006-02-07-14 Texas.jpg
There was much interesting artwork that appeared all to be done by visiting children everywhere.    
S_2006-02-07-15 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-07-16 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-07-17 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-07-18 Texas.jpg
 S_2006-02-07-22 TEXAS.jpg

Time to go and find the parrots.

Actually we first found the dangerous (?) doggy

The locked up one seems very friendly, the little one seemed a bit of a terror. Hmmmm wonder what happended there.

 S_2006-02-07-23 Texas.JPG
S_2006-02-07-20 TEXAS.jpg S_2006-02-07-21 TEXAS.jpg

S_2006-02-07-19 Texas.jpg

S_2006-02-07-25 TEXAS.jpg S_2006-02-07-24 TEXAS.jpg
Red-crowned Parrots  

We went in search of these great (and noisy) birds on a residential street in Weslaco.

Each evening around dinner hundreds of them come back from a day of feeding and chatter for a couple of hours before they go off to sleep nearby.

Click on this picture to the left for some more information on this lovey bird of Texas.

S_2006-02-07-26 Texas.jpg

While note great with my little camera, the parrots filled every tree and the wires while chattering at such a level it was hard to hear eachother.

Linda managed some better shots with her camera. They can be found at her site by clicking on the link below

S_2006-02-07-27 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-07-28 Texas.jpg


Our Day at

South Padre Island
S_2006-02-08-002 Texas.jpg
On our way to South Padre we went through Port Isabel. This was interesting in its own right. Much pirate touristy stuff
S_2006-02-08-003 TEXAS.jpg S_2006-02-08-012 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-08-014 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-08-015 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-08-016 Texas.jpg
Once we all had fun with the pirate we began to explore for a place to have lunch.  S_2006-02-08-011 Texas.jpg  S_2006-02-08-007 TEXAS.jpg  S_2006-02-08-029 Texas.JPG

S_2006-02-08-031 TEXAS.jpg

S_2006-02-08-028 TEXAS.jpg

S_2006-02-08-033 Texas.JPG

S_2006-02-08-034 Texas.JPG

  We decided on the Jolly Roger and were not disappointed in the fare! yum yum.....no diet today  
S_2006-02-08-017 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-08-025 Texas.jpg

After a "fish" story about the world's largert fly reel...

S_2006-02-08-008 TEXAS.jpg

S_2006-02-08-009 Texas.JPG
and some ice cream for a good cause...  S_2006-02-08-038 TEXAS.jpg  S_2006-02-08-037 TEXAS.jpg  S_2006-02-08-039 Texas.JPG  

We set off for South Padre

S_2006-02-08-010 Texas.JPG S_2006-02-08-020 Texas.JPG S_2006-02-08-019 Texas.JPG
 S_2006-02-08-045 TEXAS.jpg  S_2006-02-08-046 Texas.JPG Walking on the sandy shore    
Jellyfish of many colours and shapes S_2006-02-08-048 Texas.JPG S_2006-02-08-049 Texas.JPG S_2006-02-08-050 Texas.JPG
 S_2006-02-08-051 Texas.JPG  S_2006-02-08-052 Texas.JPG  S_2006-02-08-056 Texas.JPG


Lots of sand and sea

(Gulf of Mexico actually)
S_2006-02-08-055 Texas.JPG S_2006-02-08-053 Texas.JPG S_2006-02-08-054 Texas.JPG
 S_2006-02-08-057 Texas.jpg

Brave Paul enjoyed the exploring and braved the beach and scrub in bare feet.
 S_2006-02-08-058 Texas.JPG
S_2006-02-08-059 Texas.JPG S_2006-02-08-061 TEXAS.jpg Linda and Ron and the adventure on the sand dunes
 S_2006-02-08-063 Texas.JPG  S_2006-02-08-062 Texas.JPG

Hay bales to try to hold the sand off the road.

Actually there are also many sweepers that seem to work endlessly as the sand insists on moving on to the road.

The end of the road on

South Padre Island

S_2006-02-08-069 Texas.JPG
 S_2006-02-08-026 TEXAS.jpg  S_2006-02-08-032 Texas.JPG  S_2006-02-08-035 Texas.JPG  S_2006-02-08-036 Texas.JPG  S_2006-02-08-027 Texas.JPG
 S_2006-02-08-041 TEXAS.jpg  S_2006-02-08-042 Texas.JPG  S_2006-02-08-043 TEXAS.jpg  S_2006-02-08-078 Texas.jpg  S_2006-02-08-079 Texas.jpg

The porpoises of Port Isabel were everywhere
 S_2006-02-08-075 Texas.jpg  And so were the gulls and the pelicans  S_2006-02-08-073 Texas.jpg
 S_2006-02-08-070 Texas.jpg  S_2006-02-08-071 Texas.jpg  S_2006-02-08-072 TEXAS.jpg  
 S_2006-02-08-077 Texas.jpg    S_2006-02-08-081 Texas.jpg

Too bad for us, the lighthouse was closed for the day when we returned to Port Isabel.

Ron and Paul got another chance to see it when they went back the following week.

   S_2006-02-08-082 Texas.jpg  This is a cat that Paul wanted a picture of    
S_2006-02-08-084 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-08-085 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-08-086 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-08-087 Texas.jpg

We happened upon the most interesting of coffee shops


Good coffee and the stangest collection of people and animals

 S_2006-02-08-088 Texas.jpg  S_2006-02-08-089 TEXAS.jpg  S_2006-02-08-090 TEXAS.jpg
S_2006-02-08-091 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-08-092 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-08-093 Texas.jpg
 S_2006-02-08-094 TEXAS.jpg  S_2006-02-08-095 Texas.jpg  

How about this for a super tacky souvinier shop on the way home from Port Isabel?
S_2006-02-08-098 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-08-101 Texas.jpg

These were all in the parking lot of this giant souvinier story on the highway

 S_2006-02-08-099 Texas.jpg  S_2006-02-08-102 Texas.jpg
S_2006-02-08-100 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-08-103 Texas.jpg

All of these were life size.

The shark was big enough to stand in his mouth!

S_2006-02-08-105 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-08-106 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-08-107 Texas.jpg
 S_2006-02-08-104 Texas.jpg  S_2006-02-08-108 Texas.jpg  S_2006-02-08-109 Texas.jpg
S_2006-02-08-110 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-08-111 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-08-112 Texas.jpg
 S_2006-02-08-113 Texas.jpg  S_2006-02-08-114 Texas.jpg  S_2006-02-08-115 Texas.jpg

Check this out!

Ready made surfing with te porpoises and the shark!

S_2006-02-08-116 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-08-117 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-08-118 Texas.jpg
 S_2006-02-08-119 Texas.jpg  S_2006-02-08-120 Texas.jpg  S_2006-02-08-121 Texas.jpg    S_2006-02-08-122 Texas.jpg

S_2006-02-09-03 Texas.jpg

Yet another feast by Ron and Paul
 S_2006-02-09-06 Texas.jpg
S_2006-02-10-03 Texas.JPG
S_2006-02-10-04 TEXAS.jpg

Pool time and a call from home
S_2006-02-10-05 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-10-06 TEXAS.jpg
   S_2006-02-10-15 Texas.jpg  S_2006-02-10-16 Texas.jpg Caravaners together again
 S_2006-02-10-09 Texas.JPG  S_2006-02-10-07 Texas.JPG  S_2006-02-10-08 Texas.JPG

Here is a look as some future retirement ideas?


Why not?

S_2006-02-11-02 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-11-03 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-11-04 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-11-05 Texas.jpg
     S_2006-02-11-06 Texas.jpg  S_2006-02-11-01 Texas.jpg  
S_2006-02-11-02 Texas.jpg
S_2006-02-11-07 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-11-08 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-11-09 Texas.jpg
 S_2006-02-11-10 Texas.jpg  S_2006-02-11-11 Texas.jpg  S_2006-02-11-12 TEXAS.jpg    
S_2006-02-11-13 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-11-14 Texas.jpg S_2006-02-11-15 Texas.jpg