January 26 to February 11

The rush is over and Monica heads west (and more importantly) south to Texas. The Rio Grande, Weslaco. If you take a look at a Texas map, check the southern most tip, just steps from Mexico, is where I was.
Once Kenny so graciously dropped me off at the airport (6am) I checked in and waited for my flight to Houston. From Houston, after a visit to the Houston airport where I found a great new set of earphones (yes the shopping started already) it was off to McAllen to be collected by Linda and Ron.
Arriving was a rush. Whisked out of the airport and straight to the Country Sunshine Mexican "feast". Not much feast, no margaritas but sunshine, friends and family enough for all.
 S_2006012603Texas.jpg Good meal (no margaritas), GREAT company and a school band.  S_2006012606Texas.jpg

There is plenty to do in the sunny south and much of it entailed various swimming pools and hot tubs.



S_2006012710Texas.JPG S_2006012713Texas.jpg
 S_2006012711Texas.JPG  S_2006012712Texas.JPG    S_2006012714Texas.jpg
S_2006012715TEXAS.jpg S_2006012811TEXAS.jpg S_2006012716TEXAS.jpg
 S_2006012717Texas.JPG    S_2006012801Texas.JPG    S_2006012802Texas.jpg

A tour of the R&L home
 S_2006012819TEXAS.jpg  S_2006012820Texas.JPG  S_2006012827TEXAS.jpg  S_2006012829Texas.JPG  S_2006012828Texas.JPG




 S_2006012835TEXAS.jpg  S_2006012834Texas.JPG  S_2006012836TEXAS.jpg  S_2006012837Texas.jpg  S_2006012840Texas.JPG
Of note is that Monica finally agreed to try out her very first pedicure. The pedicure was very nice (even though they had to touch my feet, yikes). The chairs were the great massage chairs so we had the best of it all. Shared with Anne and Linda…..priceless.
S_2006012903Texas.JPG S_2006012906Texas.JPG S_2006012907Texas.JPG S_2006012910Texas.JPG



Shopping, gourmet eating, fine wine and great conversations are always a part of this group's activities.

 S_2006012914Texas.JPG    S_2006012917Texas.JPG    S_2006012921Texas.JPG

Mexico was a blast! Walking across to the total street market venue was really different. It seems that in much of the south, dentistry is done in Mexico. You can't walk a step without tons of offers and signs for dentists. Pharmacies are another big business there along with the silver and other types of jewellery and, of course, the "genuine" Rolex watches and Breton bags.
 S_2006013006Texas.JPG  S_2006013009Texas.JPG The getting across the border
Arriving in Mexico




 S_2006013017Texas.JPG  S_2006013018Texas.JPG  S_2006013019Texas.JPG  Scoping out where to meet for lunch
 Shopping  S_2006013020Texas.jpg  S_2006013021Texas.jpg  S_2006013022Texas.JPG
 S_2006013023Texas.JPG  S_2006013025Texas.jpg  S_2006013026Texas.JPG Lunch
S_2006013029Texas.jpg S_2006013030Texas.JPG S_2006013031Texas.JPG
 S_2006013033Texas.jpg  S_2006013034Texas.jpg  S_2006013038Texas.jpg  
Signs in Mexico S_2006013039Texas.JPG S_2006013040Texas.jpg S_2006013041Texas.jpg
 S_2006013042Texas.JPG  S_2006013043TEXAS.jpg  S_2006013045Texas.JPG After shopping libations
     S_2006013046Texas.JPG  S_2006013047Texas.JPG  S_2006013048Texas.JPG
S_2006013049Texas.JPG S_2006013050Texas.JPG S_2006013051TEXAS.jpg Back to Texas

This place claims to be a Mongolian Grill but it seems not everything is bigger in texas.

We have a slightly bigger Mongolian Grill in Whitby

 S_2006020104Texas.JPG  S_2006020103Texas.JPG
S_2006020213Texas.JPG S_2006020209Texas.JPG Anne & Paul & I took a trip to see the library in Weslaco. Take a book and sit by the fountain in the garden for a read.
 S_2006020202Texas.JPG  S_2006020205Texas.JPG  S_2006020207Texas.JPG  S_2006020208Texas.JPG  S_2006020211Texas.JPG
S_2006020217Texas.JPG S_2006020218Texas.jpg
We had some fun and some learning information on the area at the Santa Ana Wildlife Preserve and on a 2 hour trip on the Rio Grande with Captain Johnny Hart on the Riverside Dreamer.
S_2006020219Texas.JPG S_2006020220Texas.JPG

Here kitty kitty.....

Signs of the times?

 S_2006020224Texas.jpg  S_2006020222Texas.jpg  S_2006020223Texas.jpg  S_2006020225Texas.JPG  S_2006020221TEXAS.jpg
S_2006020226TEXAS.jpg S_2006020227TEXAS.jpg Some of the sites along the trail.
 S_2006020229Texas.jpg  S_2006020235Texas.JPG    S_2006020236Texas.JPG

Glenda's bench is a special place for Anne.




 S_2006020238Texas.JPG  S_2006020239Texas.JPG

The BBQ men

This is NEVER going to fit in my luggage



Around and about Weslaco Texas
S_2006020403Texas.JPG S_2006020404TEXAS.jpg S_2006020405TEXAS.jpg

S_2006020406Texas.jpg S_2006020408Texas.JPG S_2006020410Texas.JPG
   S_2006020411Texas.JPG    S_2006020412Texas.JPG  

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