Getting ready for the holidays with a girls day at the nail salon

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 S_2006-12-16-01 Girls nail day.JPG Watch out for Lisa and scary nails  S_2006-12-16-12 Girls nail day.JPG  S_2006-12-16-11 Girls nail day.JPG
S_2006-12-16-04 Girls nail day.jpg Alyssa and Lisa having nail fun

S_2006-12-16-10 GIRLS NAIL DAY.jpg

 S_2006-12-16-14 Girls nail day.JPG

Monica gets a pedicure

 S_2006-12-16-05 Girls nail day.JPG  S_2006-12-16-06 Girls nail day.JPG
S_2006-12-16-15 Girls nail day.JPG

And then there was lunch.

Let's do this again!

 S_2006-12-17-02 xmas nails.JPG   Let's get festive with our nails.
Getting into the festive spirit with some decorating with Steve, Leeanne, Kenny and Mary

S_2006-12-16-16 Tree Trim.jpg S_2006-12-16-17 Tree Trim.jpg S_2006-12-16-18 Tree Trim.jpg

 S_2006-12-16-19 Tree Trim.jpg


 S_2006-12-16-20 TREE TRIM.jpg
S_2006-12-16-21 Tree Trim.JPG S_2006-12-16-22 Tree Trim.jpg S_2006-12-16-23 Tree Trim.jpg
Steve adds the decorations while watched closely by our very own art director.  S_2006-12-16-24 Tree Trim.jpg  S_2006-12-16-25 Tree Trim.jpg
S_2006-12-16-26 Tree Trim.jpg S_2006-12-16-27 Tree Trim.jpg S_2006-12-16-28 Tree Trim.jpg
   S_2006-12-16-29 Tree Trim.jpg

 S_2006-12-16-30 Tree Trim.jpg  
S_2006-12-16-31 Tree Trim.jpg S_2006-12-16-32 Tree Trim.jpg S_2006-12-16-33 Tree Trim.jpg
   S_2006-12-16-34 Tree Trim.jpg  S_2006-12-16-35 Tree Trim.jpg
S_2006-12-16-38 Tree Trim.JPG S_2006-12-16-39 Tree Trim.jpg S_2006-12-16-40 Tree Trim.jpg
 S_2006-12-16-36 Tree Trim.jpg  S_2006-12-16-37 Tree Trim.JPG      
Just a little break here for Jake to check out the bathtub. Seems to be a new favorite of his now. S_2006-12-19-29 Jake in tub.jpg S_2006-12-19-30 Jake in tub.JPG S_2006-12-19-31 Jake in tub.jpg
S_2006-12-22-01 Dad and Monica.jpg

Daddy and Ms. Claus?

Meeting up with Carolyn for some Christmas Cheer.

S_2006-12-24-01 Chris and Carolyn.jpg S_2006-12-24-02 Chris and Carolyn.jpg
 S_2006-12-25-30 XMAS DAY.jpg  S_2006-12-25-03 Xmas Day.jpg

Festive Jake
 S_2006-12-25-01 Xmas Day.JPG
S_2006-12-25-07 Xmas Day.jpg

S_2006-12-25-12 Xmas Day.JPG

 S_2006-12-25-08 Xmas Day.jpg

 We are all feeling very protected with these two watching out for us.
 S_2006-12-25-10 Xmas Day.JPG
S_2006-12-25-15 Xmas Day.JPG

The Christmas wine is ready for dinner
S_2006-12-25-17 XMAS DAY.jpg
Stockings are hung by the chimney with care. Along with the pictures of the east coast contingent.  S_2006-12-25-19 Xmas Day.JPG  S_2006-12-25-20 Xmas Day.JPG
S_2006-12-25-25 Xmas Day.JPG S_2006-12-25-26 Xmas Day.JPG S_2006-12-25-31 Xmas Day.JPG

We are ready for Christmas day.

Which is good since it IS

Christmas day

 S_2006-12-25-21 XMAS DAY.jpg  S_2006-12-25-24 Xmas Day.JPG
S_2006-12-25-22 XMAS DAY.jpg S_2006-12-25-23 XMAS DAY.jpg
S_2006-12-25-27 Xmas Day.JPG

Just a little rest before the present opening.
S_2006-12-25-28 Xmas Day.JPG
S_2006-12-25-33 XMAS DAY.jpg S_2006-12-25-34 XMAS DAY.jpg S_2006-12-25-35 XMAS DAY.jpg
   S_2006-12-25-32 Xmas Day.JPG    S_2006-12-25-36 XMAS DAY.jpg  
S_2006-12-25-37 XMAS DAY.jpg S_2006-12-25-40 Xmas Day.JPG S_2006-12-25-41 Xmas Day.JPG
 S_2006-12-25-38 Xmas Day.JPG  S_2006-12-25-39 Xmas Day.JPG

Ruby gets a lobster in her stocking

Then the Christmas fun really gets going

S_2006-12-25-42 Xmas Day.JPG S_2006-12-25-43 Xmas Day.jpg S_2006-12-25-44 Xmas Day.jpg
   S_2006-12-25-45 XMAS DAY.jpg    S_2006-12-25-46 XMAS DAY.jpg  
S_2006-12-25-47 XMAS DAY.jpg S_2006-12-25-48 XMAS DAY.jpg

Desperate non housewife or just a girlie girl?

S_2006-12-25-49 Xmas Day.JPG

And, of course, Christmas in Cape Breton was part of our celebration.
 S_2006-12-24-01 Cape Breton.jpg  S_2006-12-24-02 Cape Breton.jpg  S_2006-12-24-03 Cape Breton.jpg  S_2006-12-24-04 Cape Breton.jpg  S_2006-12-24-05 Cape Breton.jpg
 S_2006-12-24-06 Cape Breton.jpg  S_2006-12-24-07 Cape Breton.jpg  S_2006-12-24-08 Cape Breton.jpg  S_2006-12-24-09 Cape Breton.jpg  S_2006-12-25-01 Cape Breton.jpg
 S_2006-12-25-02 Cape Breton.jpg  S_2006-12-25-03 Cape Breton.jpg  S_2006-12-25-04 Cape Breton.jpg  S_2006-12-25-05 Cape Breton.jpg  S_2006-12-25-06 Cape Breton.jpg
 S_2006-12-25-07 Cape Breton.jpg  S_2006-12-25-08 Cape Breton.jpg  S_2006-12-25-09 Cape Breton.jpg We hope to add more when Steve and Leeanne bring all the (many) picutures home to me.
 S_2006-12-25-52 XMAS DAY.jpg  S_2006-12-25-53 XMAS DAY.jpg After the presents Jake and Chris find a place to hang out.
S_2006-12-25-54 Xmas Day.JPG

Hungry Ruby?

Now we get ready for dinner!

Cooking up a storm in the new kitchen

 S_2006-12-25-55 Xmas Day.JPG  S_2006-12-25-56 Xmas Day.jpg
S_2006-12-25-57 Xmas Day.JPG S_2006-12-25-58 Xmas Day.jpg S_2006-12-25-59 Xmas Day.JPG S_2006-12-25-60 Xmas Day.JPG
 S_2006-12-25-62 Xmas Day.jpg  S_2006-12-25-61 Xmas Day.jpg

A short break as the gang works on folding up the instant table

How many guest does it take to fold a table?


S_2006-12-25-65 Xmas Day.jpg
 S_2006-12-25-67 XMAS DAY.jpg

Then desert. . .
 S_2006-12-25-66 Xmas Day.JPG
S_2006-12-25-69 Xmas Day.jpg S_2006-12-25-70 Xmas Day.jpg S_2006-12-25-71 Xmas Day.jpg

And the deer's . . . or the dear's
S_2006-12-25-72 Xmas Day.jpg

S_2006-12-25-09 Cape Breton.jpg