This is it!

Off to Lewiston with Linda for fun, food and shopping, shopping, shopping

 S_2006-07-20-06 Lewiston.JPG Arriving in Lewiston and picking up the mail  S_2006-07-20-59 Lewiston.jpg  S_2006-07-20-42 Lewiston.jpg
 S_2006-07-20-43 Lewiston.jpg Here is our home away from home including the "interesting" miniture cottage decoration  S_2006-07-20-44 Lewiston.jpg  S_2006-07-20-35 Lewiston.JPG
   And the room/office  S_2006-07-20-11 Lewiston.JPG  
 S_2006-07-20-12 Lewiston.JPG  S_2006-07-20-07 Lewiston.JPG  S_2006-07-20-08 Lewiston.JPG
S_2006-07-20-13 Lewiston.JPG S_2006-07-20-13a lc Lewiston.jpg Our first attempt at coffee in the room didn't work out to well.

We got a better idea (and coffee maker) the very next day.

 S_2006-07-20-40a Lewiston.JPG Kenny was glad he ended up with the nice new cups
 S_2006-07-20-16 Lewiston.JPG

Apple Granny on Thursday for the best wings around.

Mmmm mmmmm good. It has been a few years since I had these.

 S_2006-07-20-15 Lewiston.jpg
S_2006-07-20-18 Lewiston.jpg

S_2006-07-20-14 Lewiston.JPG

S_2006-07-20-19 Lewiston.jpg
 S_2006-07-20-20 Lewiston.JPG    S_2006-07-20-25 Lewiston.JPG    S_2006-07-20-25c lc Lewiston.jpg
S_2006-07-20-27 Lewiston.JPG S_2006-07-20-28 Lewiston.JPG S_2006-07-20-28a Lewiston.jpg Outlet mall is still there so we played with the mural.
  This is for Leeanne and Lisa. Monica shopping at Michaels in New York  S_2006-07-20-29b lc Lewiston.jpg  
S_2006-07-20-31 Lewiston.JPG S_2006-07-20-32 LEWISTON.jpg
 S_2006-07-20-33 Lewiston.JPG    S_2006-07-20-34 Lewiston.JPG Anyone remeber Premier Wines and Liquor?
Yes, back to Apple Granny's for Fish Fry Friday. This is the life O'Granny S_2006-07-20-38 Lewiston.jpg S_2006-07-20-36 Lewiston.jpg
S_2006-07-20-39 Lewiston.JPG

We tried to go back to a yesterday that has gone forever (at least on Saturdays).

Gadowski's that had great wings and tons of Notre Dame decor was closed. This was especially fun since we had to drive to the scary inner streets of Niagara Falls to find this out.

S_2006-07-20-39d Lewiston.JPG S_2006-07-20-39e Lewiston.JPG We made it back to civilization and continued shopping... S_2006-07-20-40 Lewiston.JPG
S_2006-07-20-45 Lewiston.JPG

This was just a really interesting window on this truck

S_2006-07-20-49 Lewiston.JPG
 S_2006-07-20-56a Lewiston.JPG  S_2006-07-20-57 Lewiston.jpg

Clarks has changed totally over the past 10 years.

Actually I hear that 3 years ago it burned down and was completely rebuilt

S_2006-07-20-47 Lewiston.JPG

S_2006-07-20-51 Lewiston.JPG S_2006-07-20-52 Lewiston.JPG S_2006-07-20-54 Lewiston.JPG
 S_2006-07-20-55 Lewiston.JPG They sure did a great job, love the new soda fountain look  S_2006-07-20-53 Lewiston.JPG
S_2006-07-20-34a Lewiston.jpg Here is an interesting idea. The highway sign back to Canada shows that this is the "home" of Tim Horton's.

Even better....

The Duty Free shop is. . . you guessed it. . .

 S_2006-07-20-60a Lewiston.JPG  
What a lovely long weekend it was but, alas, time to come on home. Have fun checking out our sites for the rest of July and the Ontario visit.
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