Welcome to July. You may think, to look at this page that July was a little slow.

Just the opposite is true however.

 July was so busy that I have had to split the month into 4 pages
 S_2006-07-09-01 Pokey.JPG  S_2006-07-09-02 Jake.JPG  S_2006-07-11-03 Geese.JPG  S_2006-07-30-03 Pokey and Jake.jpg  S_2006-07-30-04 Pokey and Jake.jpg
These pictures are just some nice ones of good old Pokey and Jake (the cat). The geese were at work and I just decided to snap a picture of them.

Shall we go on in and see what has been going on?

Here we go...

Laurie, Kaden & Jake still visiting in July

Click the picture to see more

Now click on this one and see what we did with Linda & Ron in July

    Yes, there was a shopping trip for Linda & Monica to Lewiston, click on the outlet mall and see what we did.  

We finished our July excitement with a party to send Holly to college in style.

You go (and get them) Girl!

Click on the picture of Holly for some fun pictures of the party day.