S_2006-06-22-15 Jake and Kaden.jpg  S_2006-06-22-16 Jake.jpg

 S_2006-06-23-02 Karaoke at CAA.JPG

We sure had some fun with Laurie and Lane and Kaden and Jake here for a week or two this month.

Kaden and Jake started with some great tatoos and then it was off to Gran's for a swim in her (warm) pool.

 S_2006-06-23-43 Grans Pool.jpg Pop is funny with the toys on his head    S_2006-06-23-44 Grans Pool.jpg Kaden can swim all day
Here is the picture that Laurie took. This one is really suitable for framing. We made a number of copies of this one for many friends and relatives. S_2006-06-23-45a Grans Pool.jpg

Gran has some fun with the boys in the pool

S_2006-06-23-47a Grans Pool.jpg

Trying to see everyone in just a couple of weeks had some assistance from Laurie who just planned a great backyard party at home.

Lots going on here and plenty of people to see and meet.

S_2006-06-25-02 Yard Party.JPG S_2006-06-25-03 Yard Party.JPG S_2006-06-25-05 Yard Party.JPG
   S_2006-06-25-06 Yard Party.jpg    S_2006-06-25-07 Yard Party.JPG  
S_2006-06-25-08 Yard Party.JPG S_2006-06-25-09 Yard Party.JPG S_2006-06-25-10 Yard Party.JPG
   S_2006-06-25-11 Yard Party.JPG    S_2006-06-25-12 Yard Party.jpg  
S_2006-06-25-14 Yard Party.jpg S_2006-06-25-16 Yard Party.JPG S_2006-06-25-17 Yard Party.JPG
   S_2006-06-25-18 Yard Party.jpg    S_2006-06-25-20 Yard Party.JPG  
S_2006-06-25-22 Yard Party.JPG S_2006-06-25-23 Yard Party.JPG S_2006-06-25-24 Yard Party.jpg
   S_2006-06-25-25 Yard Party.JPG

 S_2006-06-25-27 Yard Party.JPG  
S_2006-06-25-28 Yard Party.JPG S_2006-06-25-29 Yard Party.JPG S_2006-06-25-30 Yard Party.JPG
   S_2006-06-25-31 Yard Party.JPG    S_2006-06-25-32 Yard Party.JPG  
S_2006-06-25-33 Yard Party.JPG S_2006-06-25-35 Yard Party.JPG


That was a great day of fine food and even finer company.

Another day and another adventure...

We started on the slide in the yard but . . .

S_2006-06-27-03 KIDS VISIT.jpg S_2006-06-27-04 KIDS VISIT.jpg S_2006-06-27-05 KIDS VISIT.jpg
 S_2006-06-27-06 KIDS VISIT.jpg  S_2006-06-27-07 KIDS VISIT.jpg  S_2006-06-27-08 KIDS VISIT.jpg    
S_2006-06-27-09 Kids Visit.jpg S_2006-06-27-10 Kids Visit.jpg S_2006-06-27-11 Kids Visit.jpg . . . we had to progress to the park where Kaden and Jake played the great "monster" game on the slide.
 S_2006-06-27-12 Kids Visit.jpg  S_2006-06-27-13 Kids Visit.jpg  S_2006-06-27-14 Kids Visit.jpg

We ended up the day with some stickers and some cereal.

S_2006-06-27-15 Kids Visit.JPG
 S_2006-06-27-17 Kids Visit.jpg

 Now it was time for bed.
 S_2006-06-27-18 Kids Visit.JPG  

Oops! Forgot the flash

Oh well, it is still our 1st evening with Linda and Ron (aka the gypsies) at

(of course...)

 S_2006-06-28-02 Linda and Ron.JPG  S_2006-06-28-03 Linda and Ron.JPG  S_2006-06-28-04 Linda and Ron.jpg

A day at Mary's (cold) pool.

The pool was cold but the reception was warm and dinner was fabulous!
 S_2006-06-30-01 at Mary.JPG    S_2006-06-30-03 at Mary.JPG    S_2006-06-30-05 at Mary.JPG
S_2006-06-30-06 at Mary.JPG S_2006-06-30-07 at Mary.JPG

Look out, Dad!

A snake is crawling on you!!!


  It's ok . . .

Crocodile Dad makes short work of that (rubber) snake
S_2006-06-30-08 at Mary.JPG


There is more fun and visiting in July...

Come and see.