Starting off the wine on St.Paddy's day. How appropriate!
 S_2006-03-17-01 ST PAT.jpg  Carol "Paddy" Cain  S_2006-03-17-03 ST PAT.jpg Please don't ask what this picture is about  S_2006-03-17-05 St Pat.JPG
   S_2006-03-17-02 St Pat.JPG  D'Arcy "Paddy" Cain  S_2006-03-17-04 ST PAT.jpg  
S_2006-03-17-06 St Pat.JPG

Monica "Paddy" Cain

We all got together for dinner guessed it......  S_2006-03-25-05 Carol Bday.JPG SWISS CHALET!
S_2006-03-25-07 Carol Bday.jpg S_2006-03-25-06 CAROL BDAY.jpg S_2006-03-25-09 Carol Bday.jpg

Where we got to meet Matthew for the very first time.

Welcome to the Cain Gang, Matthew.

 S_2006-03-25-10 Carol Bday.jpg  S_2006-03-25-02 Carol Bday.jpg