Welcome to January 2006

 S_2006-01-01-01 Chris and Steph.jpg  S_2006-01-01-02 Chris and Steph.jpg First we try to get Chris to have a lovely picture taken with Stephanie. Don't worry we got a really good one just before Chris left for home on the Lefte Coast.
 S_2006-01-02-04 Jake.jpg

Gotta have a cat picture and this was just a great picture of Jake who has taken control of Pokey's basket.

Not to worry Grandpa has give Pokey his very own room with a futon so he didn't mind losing his basket.
 S_2006-01-02-05 Jake.jpg
S_2006-01-02-10 To Steve for Dinner.jpg S_2006-01-02-11 To Steve for Dinner.jpg

Now here are a couple of pictures that we thought we would never see, especially me!

Chris driving Mom's van. More surprising is that Mom was in the van at the time.


Yeah, here is (yet another) picture of the boys together for Christmas.

This was a trip to Steve's house where Steve, Leeanne and Delores got together to cook up a lovely after New Year dinner for us all.

 S_2006-01-02-15 To Steve for Dinner.jpg

 S_2006-01-02-17 To Steve for Dinner.jpg
S_2006-01-02-18 To Steve for Dinner.jpg

Kenny and Dad enjoyed it.

 S_2006-01-02-20 To Steve for Dinner.jpg

The "Delores" goodies were magnificent

After dinner there was some relaxing in the living room and, of course, much playing with Ruby
 S_2006-01-02-24 To Steve for Dinner.jpg    S_2006-01-02-31 TO STEVE FOR DINNER.jpg    S_2006-01-02-22 To Steve for Dinner.jpg
S_2006-01-02-25 To Steve for Dinner.jpg S_2006-01-02-30 To Steve for Dinner.jpg
 S_2006-01-02-26 To Steve for Dinner.jpg    S_2006-01-02-32 To Steve for Dinner.jpg    S_2006-01-02-36 To Steve for Dinner.jpg

Back home and we got that happy picture of Chris and Stephanie
 S_2006-01-04-05 Chris and Steph.jpg
S_2006-01-04-01 Katelin and Jake.jpg

There were also these great picture of Katelin and Jake. I think that may be a match made in heaven
S_2006-01-04-02 Katelin and Jake.jpg
   S_2006-01-04-06 Jake.jpg Although Jake can be a bit of a devil  
S_2006-01-04-08 Steph.jpg Meeting Stephanie who is a very engaging young lady was a pleasure
   S_2006-01-05-01 Chris and Jake.jpg  S_2006-01-05-02 Chris and Jake.jpg

One more pet for Chris and his pet (Jake) and then it is home he must go.

Hey Chris you are loved by Jake and all of us here.

Christmas and New Year were made special by all of the family and friends who shared it with us.

Thank you