Making TShirts 
 S_2005-12-11-00 Shirts.JPG  S_2005-12-11-01 Shirts.JPG  S_2005-12-11-02 Shirts.JPG  S_2005-12-11-03 Shirts.JPG  S_2005-12-11-04 Shirts.JPG
S_2005-12-11-05 Shirts.JPG  S_2005-12-11-06 Shirts.JPG       
 S_2005-12-15-04 Flowers from Laurie.jpg

December 15

From Laurie, how beautiful

The flowers and the daughter 
S_2005-12-15-06 Flowers from Laurie.jpg 

Here we are pretending, once again to trim the tree with friends and family

S_2005-12-17-01 Tree Trim.JPG 
 S_2005-12-17-02 Tree Trim.jpg

Sal and Mic were there. Always a welcome and refreshing sight
S_2005-12-17-07 Tree Trim.jpg 

 Although it was a smaller event many of the usual "suspects" were there

And no tree was trimmed at the party (of course). Tradition is a wonderful thing!

S_2005-12-17-03 Tree Trim.JPG    S_2005-12-17-05 Tree Trim.jpg     S_2005-12-17-08 Tree Trim.jpg
  S_2005-12-17-04 Tree Trim.jpg    S_2005-12-17-06 Tree Trim.jpg   
Some shopping sprees  S_2005-12-18-02 Regal 20 bucks.JPG  S_2005-12-22-03 Chris and Devon.jpg  The baby boy is home  S_2005-12-22-02 Chris and Devon.jpg 
 S_2005-12-22-04 Ken and Keyboard.jpg

Everyone getting ready in their own way
S_2005-12-22-05 Dad decorating.jpg  S_2005-12-24-05 MARY.jpg 

S_2005-12-24-03 BOBBLE STEVE.jpg  And wait until Steve sees this present. I will certainly be in trouble for this one.
 S_2005-12-24-08 THE TREE.jpg    S_2005-12-24-06 THE TREE.jpg    S_2005-12-24-10 the tree.JPG
  S_2005-12-24-11 the tree.JPG 


Christmas Eve at Steve and Leeanne's. With Dad and Mom(s) and Chris.

 S_2005-12-24-12 Xmas Eve.JPG S_2005-12-24-13 Xmas Eve.JPG  S_2005-12-24-14 Xmas Eve.JPG  S_2005-12-24-15 Xmas Eve.JPG   S_2005-12-24-16 Xmas Eve.jpg
S_2005-12-24-17 Xmas Eve.JPG  S_2005-12-24-18 Xmas Eve.JPG  S_2005-12-24-19 Xmas Eve.jpg  S_2005-12-24-20 Xmas Eve.jpg  S_2005-12-24-21 Xmas Eve.jpg 
S_2005-12-24-22 Xmas Eve.jpg  S_2005-12-24-23 Xmas Eve.jpg  S_2005-12-24-24 Xmas Eve.JPG  S_2005-12-24-25 Xmas Eve.jpg  S_2005-12-24-26 Xmas Eve.jpg 

We then did a little visiting to Rachel's familiy and off to Bill and Margaret to see everyone and wish many Merry Christmas' to all

S_2005-12-24-27 Xmas Eve.JPG  S_2005-12-24-28 Xmas Eve.jpg 

      S_2005-12-24-30 Xmas Eve.JPG  S_2005-12-24-31 Xmas Eve.JPG 
 S_2005-12-24-32 Xmas Eve.jpg S_2005-12-24-33 Xmas Eve.JPG  S_2005-12-24-34 Xmas Eve.jpg  S_2005-12-24-35 Xmas Eve.jpg  S_2005-12-24-36 Xmas Eve.JPG 
      S_2005-12-25-04 Xmas.jpg  S_2005-12-25-05 Xmas.JPG 
S_2005-12-25-01 Xmas.JPG 

Jake says it is time to get ready for Christmas 
  S_2005-12-25-02 Xmas.jpg  S_2005-12-25-03 Xmas.jpg 

Chris helps get that turkey ready to go. Nice to have my official stuffer back.

Then it is time for Christmas day!

S_2005-12-25-06 Xmas.JPG
 S_2005-12-25-07 Xmas.JPG  S_2005-12-25-08 Xmas.JPG  S_2005-12-25-09 Xmas.jpg  S_2005-12-25-10 Xmas.JPG
  S_2005-12-25-12 Xmas.JPG  S_2005-12-25-13 Xmas.JPG   S_2005-12-25-14 Xmas.jpg  
 S_2005-12-25-16 Xmas.JPG  S_2005-12-25-17 Xmas.jpg  S_2005-12-25-18 Xmas.JPG S_2005-12-25-19 Xmas.jpg   S_2005-12-25-20 Xmas.jpg
S_2005-12-25-21 Xmas.jpg
 S_2005-12-25-23 Xmas.jpg  S_2005-12-25-28 Xmas.JPG  S_2005-12-25-24 Xmas.JPG  S_2005-12-25-25 Xmas.JPG
S_2005-12-25-31 Xmas.JPG   S_2005-12-25-32 Xmas.JPG  S_2005-12-25-33 Xmas.jpg S_2005-12-25-34 Xmas.JPG   S_2005-12-25-30 Xmas.JPG
S_2005-12-25-48 Xmas.jpg   S_2005-12-25-37 Xmas.JPG  S_2005-12-25-38 Xmas.JPG  S_2005-12-25-45 Xmas.JPG  S_2005-12-25-42 Xmas.JPG
     S_2005-12-25-46 Xmas.jpg    

How is this for a special present. Sure the stereo is fabulous!

More important is ALL of my children getting together to work on this.


 S_2005-12-25-51 Mom Gift.jpg  S_2005-12-25-39 Xmas.JPG  S_2005-12-25-41 Xmas.JPG  S_2005-12-30-04 Kidz Present.jpg  


And this lovely Christmas dinner to top off the day. 
 S_2005-12-25-49 Xmas.jpg  S_2005-12-25-50 Xmas.jpg

Check this out.

Thanks to D'Arcy and Carol for a lively, lovely, yummy evening at the...

   S_Thanks for Grill.jpg    

Make sure to get all the right spices on

 S_2005-12-29-06 GRILL PRESENT.jpg  

 S_2005-12-29-01 Grill Present.jpg

 S_2005-12-29-02 Grill Present.jpg

 S_2005-12-29-03 Grill Present.jpg

Waiting for the grillin'

Now THAT'S a Grill!

S_2005-12-29-05 Grill Present.jpg  

Let's Eat


S_2005-12-29-07 Grill Present.jpg

Is this a high tech Delores?

S_2005-12-29-08 Grill Present.jpg S_2005-12-29-09 Grill Present.jpg S_2005-12-29-10 Grill Present.jpg
  Steve got some desert after all that food!

 S_2005-12-29-11 Grill Present.jpg

He shared a "little" with Delores

 S_2005-12-29-12 Grill Present.jpg

The Cain Gang, et al..

S_2005-12-29-13 Grill Present.jpg

Our wonderful servers and waitress.

Thanks Melody

S_2005-12-29-16 Grill Present.jpg
S_2005-12-29-18 Grill Present.jpg

Check on that hockey game one more time before we go

What to do on the eve of New Years Eve?


 S_2005-12-30-01 Poker.jpg    S_2005-12-30-02 Poker.jpg    S_2005-12-30-03 Poker.jpg
   S_2005-12-30-04 Poker.jpg    S_2005-12-30-05 Poker.jpg  

And here is one just for Aunt Linda

 S_2005-12-30-06 Poker.jpg