November was a quieter month.

Check out November 18th for the premier of Goblet of Fire

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 Dad and I bought a treadmill for the cats which they are using well.
   S_2005-11-19-01 Cat Exersize.jpg    S_2005-11-19-02 Cat Exersize.jpg  
When not working out on the treadmill Pokey works on the environment. What a trouper he is.    
S_2005-11-20-01 Pokey Recycles.jpg S_2005-11-20-02 Pokey Recycles.jpg

 S_2005-11-26-01 Carrie Shower.jpg

The big news this month was Carrie's baby shower. I know that I am late with these pictures and we are expecting our little bundle of joy early in the new year.

Congratulations Carrie and family

and .... Grandma Sue  S_2005-11-26-44 Carrie Shower Nana and Josh.jpg    
S_2005-11-26-02 Carrie Shower.jpg S_2005-11-26-03 CARRIE SHOWER CARRIE.jpg S_2005-11-26-04 Carrie Shower.JPG
   S_2005-11-26-05 Carrie Shower.JPG    S_2005-11-26-06 Carrie Shower.JPG  
S_2005-11-26-07 CARRIE SHOWER SUE.jpg S_2005-11-26-08 Carrie Shower.JPG S_2005-11-26-09 Carrie Shower.JPG
   S_2005-11-26-10 Carrie Shower.jpg    S_2005-11-26-11 Carrie Shower.jpg  
S_2005-11-26-12 CARRIE SHOWER JOSH.jpg S_2005-11-26-13 Carrie Shower.JPG S_2005-11-26-14 CARRIE SHOWER.jpg
   S_2005-11-26-15 Carrie Shower.jpg    S_2005-11-26-16 CARRIE SHOWER.jpg  
S_2005-11-26-17 Carrie Shower.JPG S_2005-11-26-19 CARRIE SHOWER.jpg

S_2005-11-26-20 Carrie Shower.jpg

   S_2005-11-26-21 CARRIE SHOWER.jpg    S_2005-11-26-22 CARRIE SHOWER.jpg  
S_2005-11-26-23 CARRIE SHOWER ROBYN.jpg S_2005-11-26-24 Carrie Shower Robyn and Carrie.jpg S_2005-11-26-25 CARRIE SHOWER.jpg
S_2005-11-26-26 Carrie Shower.jpg S_2005-11-26-27 Carrie Shower.jpg
 S_2005-11-26-28 CARRIE SHOWER.jpg    S_2005-11-26-29 Carrie Shower.jpg    S_2005-11-26-30 Carrie Shower.jpg
S_2005-11-26-31 Carrie Shower.jpg S_2005-11-26-32 CARRIE SHOWER.jpg
 S_2005-11-26-33 CARRIE SHOWER.jpg    S_2005-11-26-34 CARRIE SHOWER.jpg    S_2005-11-26-35 Carrie Shower.jpg
S_2005-11-26-36 Carrie Shower.JPG S_2005-11-26-37 Carrie Shower.JPG
 S_2005-11-26-38 Carrie Shower.jpg    S_2005-11-26-39 CARRIE SHOWER.jpg    S_2005-11-26-40 CARRIE SHOWER.jpg
S_2005-11-26-41 Carrie Shower.jpg S_2005-11-26-42 Carrie Shower Robyn and Ann House.jpg S_2005-11-26-43 CARRIE SHOWER.jpg
   S_2005-11-45 Chris and Cloutier.jpg  Here is Chris and his encounter with a little hockey fame?  

Mary and Ken Oct 05a.jpg

Let's not forget to add a very special birthday wish to a very special lady.

Happy Birthday Mary.