S_2005-10-04-03 Last swim.jpg

I can't believe my Tweety eyes!

These people are swimming in October?

 S_2005-10-04-01 Last swim.jpg    S_2005-10-04-02 Last swim.jpg    S_2005-10-04-05 Last swim.jpg

S_2005-10-04-08 Last swim.jpg

S_2005-10-04-09 Last swim.jpg
 S_2005-10-04-11 Last swim.jpg    S_2005-10-04-12 Last swim.jpg    S_2005-10-04-13 Last swim.jpg
 S_2005-10-15-01 Visiting Ruby.JPG

 Ruby is either the smartest dog or the dumbest.

Smart enough to read her name?

Or to dumb to remember where the food is?

 S_2005-10-15-04 Visiting Ruby.JPG
Ruby is actually neither of these. This is just another sample of Leeanne's imagination when it comes to personalizing her home.
 S_2005-10-15-05 Visiting Ruby.JPG  

 S_2005-10-15-07 Visiting Ruby.jpg

 S_2005-10-27-03 Dad Suit.jpg Here is Dad in his new suit and his very svelt shape    
And my birthday was terrific at the Mongolian Grill. Thanks to all the friends and family there.

S_2005-10-28-01 Monica Bday.jpg

S_2005-10-28-02 Monica Bday.jpg

 S_2005-10-28-03 Monica Bday.jpg  S_2005-10-28-04 Monica Bday.jpg  S_2005-10-28-05 Monica Bday.jpg  S_2005-10-28-06 Monica Bday.jpg  S_2005-10-28-07 Monica Bday.jpg
S_2005-10-28-08 Monica Bday.jpg S_2005-10-28-09 Monica Bday.jpg S_2005-10-29-01 Howling Wolves.jpg S_2005-10-29-02 Howling Wolves.jpg S_2005-10-29-03 Howling Wolves.JPG


Howling Wolves Bash

S_2005-10-29-04 Howling Wolves.JPG S_2005-10-29-05 Howling Wolves.jpg S_2005-10-29-06 Howling Wolves.jpg S_2005-10-29-07 HOWLING WOLVES.jpg S_2005-10-29-08 Howling Wolves.jpg
S_2005-10-29-09 Howling Wolves.jpg S_2005-10-29-10 Howling Wolves.jpg S_2005-10-29-11 Howling Wolves.jpg S_2005-10-29-12 Howling Wolves.JPG S_2005-10-29-13 HOWLING WOLVES.jpg
S_2005-10-29-14 Howling Wolves.jpg S_2005-10-29-15 Howling Wolves.jpg S_2005-10-29-16 Howling Wolves.jpg S_2005-10-29-17 Howling Wolves.jpg S_2005-10-29-18 Howling Wolves.jpg
S_2005-10-29-19 Howling Wolves.jpg S_2005-10-29-20 Howling Wolves.jpg S_2005-10-29-21 Howling Wolves.jpg S_2005-10-29-22 HOWLING WOLVES.jpg
 S_2005-10-31-06 HALLOWEEN.jpg

Halloween with Steve, Leeanne

and Wonder Ruby

 S_2005-10-31-01 Halloween.jpg
S_2005-10-31-02 Halloween.JPG S_2005-10-31-03 Halloween.JPG S_2005-10-31-04 Halloween.jpg S_2005-10-31-05 HALLOWEEN.jpg S_2005-10-31-07 Halloween.jpg
S_2005-10-31-08 Halloween.jpg S_2005-10-31-09 Halloween.JPG S_2005-10-31-10 Halloween.JPG S_2005-10-31-11 HALLOWEEN.jpg
S_2005-10-31-12 Halloween.JPG S_2005-10-31-14 HALLOWEEN.jpg S_2005-10-31-16 HALLOWEEN.jpg
S_2005-10-31-17 HALLOWEEN.jpg S_2005-10-31-19 HALLOWEEN.jpg S_2005-10-31-20 Halloween.JPG S_2005-10-31-21 Halloween.JPG
S_2005-10-31-24 HALLOWEEN.jpg S_2005-10-31-25 Halloween.JPG S_2005-10-31-26 Halloween.JPG