S_2005-08-03-1 one cabinet.JPG S_2005-08-03-2 both cabinets.JPG

I am finally organizing the office shelves so that I can find a pen....or two

 S_2005-08-03-6 dry erase.JPG  S_2005-08-03-7 post its.JPG  
S_2005-08-03-3 drawers.JPG
 S_2005-08-03-4 permanent markers.JPG  S_2005-08-03-5 pens.JPG

S_2005-8-10-1 ken the worker.JPG

S_2005-8-10-2 ken the worker.JPG

Next Kenny did a quick Gatorade commercial and built the greatest paper shelf ever.

     S_2005-08-14-1 paper shelf.JPG  S_2005-08-14-2 paper shelf.JPG  

We didn't take too many pictures 'cause we were having too fun but here are a few in the pool.

S_2005-08-13-1 BBQ for Pips.JPG

S_2005-08-13-2 BBQ for Pips.JPG

 S_PICT0005.JPG  S_2005-08-13-3 BBQ for Pips.JPG    S_2005-08-13-5 BBQ for Pips.JPG  
     S_2005-08-13-4 BBQ for Pips.JPG    S_2005-08-13-6 BBQ for Pips.JPG
 S_PICT0004.JPG  S_PICT0006.JPG    S_PICT0007.JPG  

The funny moth on the wall

and Pokey waiting at the door


And of course a little Karaoke with a couple of Pips.

Next time we will remember to watch our video and get more pictures and more video of the next Pips BBQ.

Thanks to Tara and all of her Pips for such an enjoyable and relaxing day.

Well, it is about time I put the pictures of the great NS style BBQ up here.

We all went to Anne and Charlie's to have a lovely sunny day with Anne's family as Delia had come to visit.

 S_2005-08-28-06 Anne BBQ.JPG    S_2005-08-28-08 ANNE BBQ.jpg    S_2005-08-28-10 ANNE BBQ.jpg
   S_2005-08-28-07 Anne BBQ.JPG    S_2005-08-28-09 Anne BBQ.JPG  
S_2005-08-28-12 ANNE BBQ.jpg S_2005-08-28-14 ANNE BBQ.jpg

S_2005-08-28-13 ANNE BBQ.jpg

   S_2005-08-28-15 Anne BBQ.jpg    S_2005-08-28-17 ANNE BBQ.jpg  
S_2005-08-28-28 ANNE BBQ.jpg S_2005-08-28-19 ANNE BBQ.jpg S_2005-08-28-20 ANNE BBQ.jpg
S_2005-08-28-21 Anne BBQ.JPG S_2005-08-28-22 ANNE BBQ.jpg

Here are a few pix of the fun folk at the party.

S_2005-08-28-11 ANNE BBQ.jpg

This one is just to catch Anne enjoying a little cake

Proving that you can have you fun and eat your cake to!

S_2005-08-28-23 ANNE BBQ.jpg S_2005-08-28-27 Anne BBQ.JPG