S_2005-06-05-01 Steve.JPG S_2005-06-05-02 Steve.JPG

Starting out with a liitle BBQing by Steve

Next we got to a tour of the new house as the moving in continues.

 S_2005-06-05-03 Steve.JPG  S_2005-06-05-07 Home Pix.JPG  S_2005-06-05-04 Home Pix.JPG  S_2005-06-05-05 Home Pix.JPG
S_2005-06-05-11 Home Pix.JPG S_2005-06-05-06 Home Pix.jpg

There is artwork space

 S_2005-06-05-08 Home Pix.JPG  S_2005-06-05-09 Home Pix.JPG  

And space for Steve

 S_2005-06-05-10 Home Pix.JPG
S_2005-06-05-12 Home Pix.JPG

There is lots of space for Ruby and all of her toys.

S_2005-06-05-13 Home Pix.JPG S_2005-06-05-14 Home Pix.JPG

An opportunity to see Boston

 S_2005-06-08-01 Boston.JPG
S_2005-06-08-02 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-08-03 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-09-01 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-09-02 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-09-03 Boston.JPG
S_2005-06-09-04 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-09-05 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-01 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-02 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-03 Boston.JPG
S_2005-06-10-04 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-05 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-06 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-07 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-08 Boston.JPG
S_2005-06-10-09 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-10 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-11 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-12 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-13 Boston.JPG
S_2005-06-10-14 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-15 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-16 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-17 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-18 Boston.JPG
S_2005-06-10-19 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-20 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-21 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-22 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-23 Boston.JPG
S_2005-06-10-24 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-25 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-26 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-27 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-28 Boston.JPG
S_2005-06-10-29 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-30 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-31 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-32 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-33 Boston.JPG
S_2005-06-10-34 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-35 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-36 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-37 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-38 Boston.JPG
S_2005-06-10-39 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-40 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-41 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-42 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-43 Boston.JPG
S_2005-06-10-44 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-45 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-46 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-47 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-48 Boston.JPG
S_2005-06-10-49 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-50 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-51 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-52 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-53 Boston.JPG
S_2005-06-10-54 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-55 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-56 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-57 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-10-58 Boston.JPG
S_2005-06-11-01 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-02 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-03 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-04 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-05 Boston.JPG
S_2005-06-11-06 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-07 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-08 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-09 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-10 Boston.JPG
S_2005-06-11-11 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-12 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-13 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-14 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-15 Boston.JPG
S_2005-06-11-16 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-17 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-18 Boston.jpg S_2005-06-11-19 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-20 Boston.JPG
S_2005-06-11-21 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-22 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-23 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-24 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-25 Boston.JPG
S_2005-06-11-26 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-27 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-28 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-29 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-30 Boston.JPG
S_2005-06-11-31 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-32 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-33 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-34 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-35 Boston.JPG
S_2005-06-11-36 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-37 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-38 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-39 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-40 Boston.JPG
S_2005-06-11-41 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-11-42 Boston.JPG S_2005-06-12-01 Dad Brunch Bday.JPG

Just a little brunch birthday celebration.

Happy 80th Birthday Dad with a party full of all of your friends.

 S_2005-06-18-10 Dad is 80.jpg

 S_2005-06-18-09 Dad is 80.jpg  S_2005-06-18-11 Dad is 80.jpg
 S_2005-06-18-02 Dad is 80.jpg  S_2005-06-18-14 Dad is 80.JPG  S_2005-06-18-01 Dad is 80.JPG

Anne, Charlie and Bill were there of course.

S_2005-06-18-03 Dad is 80.jpg S_2005-06-18-04 Dad is 80.JPG S_2005-06-18-05 Dad is 80.JPG

Dancing with Mary was fun

 S_2005-06-18-08 Dad is 80.jpg

And here he is the original founder of the "Cain Gang"

 S_2005-06-18-06 Dad is 80.jpg  S_2005-06-18-07 Dad is 80.jpg
S_2005-06-18-13 Dad is 80.jpg

S_2005-06-18-16 Dad is 80.jpg
   S_2005-06-18-17 Dad is 80.jpg    S_2005-06-18-18 Dad is 80.jpg  
S_2005-06-18-19 Dad is 80.jpg S_2005-06-18-20 Dad is 80.jpg S_2005-06-18-21 Dad is 80.jpg
   S_2005-06-18-22 Dad is 80.jpg    S_2005-06-18-23 Dad is 80.jpg  
S_2005-06-18-24 Dad is 80.jpg S_2005-06-18-25 Dad is 80.jpg S_2005-06-18-26 Dad is 80.jpg
   S_2005-06-18-27 Dad is 80.jpg    S_2005-06-18-28 Dad is 80.jpg  
S_2005-06-18-29 Dad is 80.jpg S_2005-06-18-30 Dad is 80.jpg S_2005-06-18-31 Dad is 80.jpg
   S_2005-06-18-32 Dad is 80.jpg    S_2005-06-18-33 Dad is 80.jpg  
S_2005-06-18-34 Dad is 80.jpg S_2005-06-18-35 Dad is 80.jpg S_2005-06-18-36 Dad is 80.jpg
   S_2005-06-18-37 Dad is 80.jpg    S_2005-06-18-38 Dad is 80.jpg  
S_2005-06-18-39 Dad is 80.jpg S_2005-06-18-40 Dad is 80.jpg S_2005-06-18-41 Dad is 80.jpg
   S_2005-06-18-42 Dad is 80.jpg    S_2005-06-18-44 Dad is 80.jpg  
S_2005-06-18-45 Dad is 80.jpg S_2005-06-18-46 Dad is 80.jpg S_2005-06-18-47 Dad is 80.jpg
   S_2005-06-18-49 Dad is 80.jpg    S_2005-06-18-51 Dad is 80.jpg  

S_2005-06-18-48 Dad is 80.jpg

S_2005-06-18-50 Dad is 80.jpg

S_2005-06-18-52 Dad is 80.jpg

   S_2005-06-18-53 Dad is 80.jpg    S_2005-06-18-55 Dad is 80.jpg  
S_2005-06-18-57 Dad is 80.jpg
   S_2005-06-18-54 Dad is 80.jpg    S_2005-06-18-56 Dad is 80.JPG  
S_2005-06-18-58 Dad is 80.jpg S_2005-06-18-60 Dad is 80.jpg S_2005-06-18-62 Dad is 80.jpg
   S_2005-06-18-59 Dad is 80.JPG    S_2005-06-18-61 Dad is 80.jpg  
S_2005-06-18-63 Dad is 80.jpg S_2005-06-18-64 Dad is 80.jpg S_2005-06-18-65 Dad is 80.jpg
   S_2005-06-18-67 Dad is 80.JPG    S_2005-06-18-66 Dad is 80.jpg  

There is still more to the month of June. I am continuing to work on this page

S_2005-06-19-01 Visit and Pool.JPG


S_2005-06-19-03 Visit and Pool.JPG


S_2005-06-19-04 Visit and Pool.JPG
   S_2005-06-19-02 Visit and Pool.jpg


 S_2005-06-19-06 Visit and Pool.JPG  
S_2005-06-19-07 Visit and Pool.JPG S_2005-06-19-08 Visit and Pool.JPG S_2005-06-19-10 Visit and Pool.JPG
   S_2005-06-19-11 Visit and Pool.JPG    S_2005-06-19-09 Visit and Pool.JPG  
S_2005-06-19-12 Visit and Pool.JPG S_2005-06-19-13 Visit and Pool.JPG

 S_2005-06-19-14 Visit and Pool.JPG    S_2005-06-19-15 Visit and Pool.JPG  
S_2005-06-19-16 Visit and Pool.JPG

 Hey! Let's not forget...

Leeanne is...


 S_2005-06-19-19 Leeanne Bday.JPG  S_2005-06-19-20 Leeanne Bday.JPG
 S_2005-06-19-17 Leeanne Bday.JPG  S_2005-06-19-18 Leeanne Bday.JPG

S_2005-06-20 -01 McFly.jpg S_2005-06-20 -02 McFly.JPG

Just one more outing with Pat before he heads back off to the sunny lefte coast.

     S_2005-06-20 -03 McFly.jpg  S_2005-06-20 -04 McFly.jpg  S_2005-06-20 -05 McFly.jpg