Congratulations Steve and Leeanne on your very first home

 S_2005_04_01_01 Moving Day.JPG

Ruby enjoys a little relaxation on moving day



Meanwhile moving day was on!


S_2005_04_02_01 Moving Day.JPG

S_2005_04_02_03 Moving Day.JPG S_2005_04_02_05 Moving Day.JPG S_2005_04_02_07 Moving Day.JPG S_2005_04_02_10 Moving Day.JPG
S_2005_04_02_12 Moving Day.JPG S_2005_04_02_13 Moving Day.JPG S_2005_04_02_15 Moving Day.JPG S_2005_04_02_17 Moving Day.JPG S_2005_04_02_24 Moving Day.JPG
S_2005_04_02_22 Moving Day.JPG S_2005_04_02_26 Moving Day.JPG S_2005_04_02_28 Moving Day.JPG S_2005_04_02_29 Moving Day.JPG
S_2005_04_02_27 Moving Day.JPG

Yippee! Are all of these lovely hardwood floors for me to slide on?

Can I invite my friend Duffy to come over and slide on them with me?

Ah yes it must be Steve the handyman (?)

S_2005_04_02_30 Moving Day.JPG S_2005_04_02_31 Moving Day.JPG S_2005_04_02_32 Moving Day.JPG
S_2005_04_02_33 Moving Day.JPG

Phil came over to help?

Break time, Miguel came over to get all of the attention.

Can you see why?

 S_2005_04_02_40 Moving Day.JPG  S_2005_04_02_35 Moving Day.JPG  S_2005_04_02_36 Moving Day.JPG
 S_2005_04_02_43 Moving Day.JPG  S_2005_04_02_45 Moving Day.JPG  S_2005_04_02_47 Moving Day.JPG
S_2005_04_02_46 Moving Day.JPG

And back to work for Steve

S_2005_04_02_48 Moving Day.JPG

Time for a little wine making.

Time for Monica's Christmas"time" present to D'Arcy, Carol, Mary, Maureen, George, Steve and Leeanne.

Time for the little ole winemakers us to have a little wine bottling party.

 S_2005_04_09_02 Bottled Wine.JPG

First there is the filling of the wine bottle class with Carol

 S_2005_04_09_03 Bottled Wine.JPG
S_2005_04_09_04 Bottled Wine.JPG

Washing bottles

S_2005_04_09_05 Bottled Wine.JPG

Then corking

Steve watches over the work

S_2005_04_09_06 Bottled Wine.JPG

 S_2005_04_09_08 Bottled Wine.JPG
 S_2005_04_09_09 Bottled Wine.JPG

We got Steve doing a little manual labour

But who said there was dancing at this party?

S_2005_04_09_11 Bottled Wine.JPG

Steve was tired so we brought in the big guns to do some corking

S_2005_04_09_12 Bottled Wine.JPG


Everyone got to do a little of everything.

S_2005_04_09_13 Bottled Wine.JPG S_2005_04_09_18 Bottled Wine.JPG S_2005_04_09_15 Bottled Wine.JPG S_2005_04_09_20 Bottled Wine.JPG S_2005_04_09_17 Bottled Wine.JPG
S_2005_04_09_21 Bottled Wine.JPG S_2005_04_09_22 Bottled Wine.JPG S_2005_04_09_23 Bottled Wine.JPG S_2005_04_09_24 Bottled Wine.JPG S_2005_04_09_25 Bottled Wine.JPG
 S_2005_04_09_26 Bottled Wine.JPG  S_2005_04_09_27 Bottled Wine.JPG  S_2005_04_09_28 Bottled Wine.JPG  S_2005_04_09_30 Bottled Wine.JPG  
S_2005_04_09_31 Bottled Wine.JPG

And Reid watched over us all.

S_2005_04_23_11 Holly Bday.JPG S_2005_04_23_10 Holly Bday.JPG

Happy Birthday to Holly and here are are few of the particpants in the great day

S_2005_04_23_07 Holly Bday.JPG S_2005_04_23_06 Holly Bday.JPG S_2005_04_23_03 Holly Bday.JPG S_2005_04_23_02 Holly Bday.JPG
S_2005_04_23_04 Holly Bday.JPG S_2005_04_23_01 Holly Bday.JPG S_2005_04_23_05 Holly Bday.JPG