Here are some pictures of Lee Van Lear and the Nouns at Smilin' Jacks
 S_2005_03_05_01 Jacks.JPG  S_2005_03_05_02 Jacks.JPG  S_2005_03_05_03 Jacks.JPG  S_2005_03_05_04 Jacks.JPG  S_2005_03_05_05 Jacks.JPG
S_2005_03_05_06 Jacks.JPG S_2005_03_05_07 Jacks.JPG S_2005_03_05_08 Jacks.JPG S_2005_03_05_09 Jacks.JPG S_2005_03_05_10 Jacks.JPG
S_2005_03_05_11 Jacks.JPG S_2005_03_05_12 Jacks.JPG S_2005_03_05_13 Jacks.JPG S_2005_03_05_14 Jacks.JPG S_2005_03_05_15 Jacks.JPG
S_2005_03_05_16 Jacks.JPG S_2005_03_05_17 Jacks.JPG S_2005_03_05_18 Jacks.JPG S_2005_03_05_19 Jacks.JPG S_2005_03_05_20 Jacks.JPG
S_2005_03_05_21 Jacks.JPG S_2005_03_05_22 Jacks.JPG S_2005_03_05_23 Jacks.JPG S_2005_03_05_24 Jacks.JPG S_2005_03_05_25 Jacks.JPG
S_2005_03_05_26 Jacks.JPG S_2005_03_05_27 Jacks.JPG S_2005_03_05_28 Jacks.JPG S_2005_03_05_29 Jacks.JPG S_2005_03_05_30 Jacks.JPG
S_2005_03_05_31 Jacks.JPG S_2005_03_05_32 Jacks.JPG
   S_2005_03_20_01 Cars Gone.JPG  S_2005_03_20_02 Cars Gone.JPG  S_2005_03_20_03 Cars Gone.JPG  S_2005_03_20_04 Cars Gone.JPG
Happy Birthday to Phil S_2005_03_29_03 Phil 25.JPG
S_2005_03_29_07 Phil 25.JPG S_2005_03_29_08 Phil 25.JPG S_2005_03_29_09 Phil 25.JPG S_2005_03_29_05 Phil 25.JPG S_2005_03_29_06 Phil 25.JPG




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