It is time to start some wining


Meet Reid, our friendly Grapefully Yours wine making helper.

The Christmas group of winemakers showed up on Saturday February 5th to start our present from Monica and Kenny

 S_2005_02_05_11Startingthewine.JPG    S_2005_02_05_03Startingthewine.JPG    S_2005_02_05_10Startingthewine.JPG

D'Arcy & CarolS_2005_02_05_07Startingthewine.jpg

 Maureen & GeorgeS_2005_02_05_13Startingthewine.JPG



 Steve & LeeanneS_2005_02_05_04STARTINGTHEWINE.jpg

S_2005_02_05_16Startingthewine.JPG S_2005_02_05_15Startingthewine.JPG

Making all the wine

See you in March for the bottling and tasting

S_2005_02_05_21RagweedJazzBand.JPG S_2005_02_05_20RagweedJazzBand.JPG

Went to Sister's and here is the Ragweed Jazz Band


Kung Hei Fat Choi

2005 IIC Convocation and Awards

This is an annual event at the Insurance Institute of Canada to recognize graduates of the CIP and FCIP programs

This year I was awarded with the Insurance Institute's Award of Merit for over 20 years of instructing and volunteering.

 S_2005_02_10_01Convocation.jpg  S_2005_02_10_02Convocation.JPG

 To begin the evening, I attended the President's Reception and met Catriona Lemay Doan.

I even got to hold an actual Olympic gold medal.

Catriona, by the way, is one of the nicest people I have ever met and...

 S_2005_02_10_03Convocation.jpg  S_2005_02_10_04Convocation.jpg

One of the best motivational speakers I have heard in many years


Congratulations Lisa.

You never gave up on your quest and now the CIP it is YOURS!



S_2005_02_10_17Convocation.jpg S_2005_02_10_28Convocation.JPG S_2005_02_10_23Convocation.jpg S_2005_02_10_19ConvocationMike.jpg

Thank you to the IIC for providing me a place to learn and a place to teach and for including me in many exciting and informational tasks and committees.




And if it is February...There must be a birthday for the first born son!

Happy Birthday dear. Mommy loves you






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