1st (and only) Thoughtful Awards of 2003


This award is for Dad who managed to purchase almost every present from the discount shelf at Staples.

This award is one of the closest to my heart since the same discount shelf has managed to fill many of the Christmas stockings for me.



Linda and Ron win the Ugly award hands down. Although many of my treasures were a little odd and not very pretty the green horn blowing guy is by far the ugliest piece of work I have ever seen!

I don't know where you shop but I think I will try to avoid whatever boutique that this came from.


Kenny and Mary are the big winners in this category. Even while sending me almost as many Staples products as Dad they managed to make purchases of items I may actually use (or store).

Knowing that I probably have some storage room (somewhere) I can now proudly keep or actually use most of this junque.


This was one of the most difficult categories to judge until the arrival of the plastic corn. If the corn didn't take tacky, the bright yellow toilet seat cover would certainly have taken the prize.

Whenever I think fondly of D'Arcy and Carol I will always see "tacky" in my mind's eye.


This was a given as I have become obsessed with all things Potter.

I am sure that there will come a time in my life when knowing the history and rules of Quidditch will be necessary. Now I know, because of the generosity of Steve and Leeanne, that I will be ready when the call comes.

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