First stop is the White spot for lunch with Laurie.

Note the times on this sign...strange

 S_2003_09_16_05FunnysignatWhiteSpot.jpg    S_2003_09_16_06LaurieandLinda.jpg    S_2003_09_16_07LaurieLindaandMonica.jpg

Please do not adjust your computer. This is NOT a computer error

That is actually Linda cuddling her grand nephew Jake.

No Grand Aunts or nephews were injured in the taking of this picture.


Then we picked up the mail?

We got the "campsite" ready for work and play

 S_2003_09_16_11Lindainourmotelroom.jpg  S_2003_09_16_13Monicainourmotelroom.jpg
S_2003_09_16_14Lindainourmotelroom.jpg S_2003_09_16_15Lindaatdinner.jpg

Now it is time to regain our strength after all of that preparation

 S_2003_09_16_16LindaandMonicaatdinner.jpg  S_2003_09_17_01LindaandMonicaatbreakfast.jpg  S_2003_09_17_07MonicachairforMary.jpg

We managed to get this "lovely" loaner car while the Volvo was in for some service

S_2003_09_17_04Firstshoppingday.jpg S_2003_09_17_09Lindainourmotelroom.jpg

Don't panic Caravaners of old

There was shopping on this trip


 A look at the very neat (and dry) campsite


 A very formal presentation for our wine


This picture is for Anne

This one is for the insurance people among us. Check out the name of this broker and try the acronym


Cheers to all Caravaners and anyone else who just loves to get together for fun, food and a raised glass


Until next time.

S_2003_09_18_03Monicaatdinner.jpg S_2003_09_18_04LindaandMonicaatdinner.jpg