S_2003_04_02_03CIPSign.jpg S_2003_04_02_04CIPSign.jpg

Chartered Insurance Professional

Be proud, be professional


I was always afraid that Steve would go to the dogs one day



Happy Birthday Holly

Sweet 16



 S_2003_04_18_02HollyBDay.jpg  S_2003_04_18_03HollyBDay.jpg  S_2003_04_18_04HollyBDay.jpg  S_2003_04_18_05HollyBDay.jpg  S_2003_04_18_06HollyBDay.jpg

This is Bob the waiter

S_2003_04_18_13HollyBDay.jpg S_2003_04_18_14HollyBDay.jpg S_2003_04_18_11HollyBDay.jpg

Gotcha! (again)


Bob took this picture

S_2003_04_18_15HollyBDay.jpg S_2003_04_18_16HollyBDay.jpg


 S_2003_04_18_19HollyBDay.jpg    S_2003_04_18_20HollyBDay.jpg    S_2003_04_18_21HollyBDay.jpg
S_2003_04_18_22HollyBDay.jpg S_2003_04_18_24HollyBDay.jpg S_2003_04_18_25HollyBDay.jpg S_2003_04_18_26HollyBDay.jpg

Valarie came to visit us (finally)

Here are some Animal pictures that I have taken in the last couple of weeks...

 S_2003_04_21_01EasterJake.jpg  S_2003_04_21_02EasterJake.jpg  S_2003_04_21_03EasterJake.jpg

 Here are Jake and Pokey in their favorite sleeping place (the messy desks)

Jake just showed up for his Caramilk Easter Eggs.

S_2003_04_22_03Pokey.jpg S_2003_04_22_04Pokey.jpg
S_2003_04_26_01Duffy.jpg S_2003_04_26_02Duffy.jpg S_2003_04_26_03Duffy.jpg S_2003_04_26_04DuffyandJake.jpg S_2003_04_26_05DuffyandJake.jpg

Take a peek at the lovely and much younger looking Duffy with his brand new haircut. He likes to show off his pretty bandana.

 S_2003_04_28_01GooseatCAA.jpg  S_2003_04_28_02GooseatCAA.jpg  S_2003_04_28_03GooseatCAA.jpg  S_2003_04_28_04GooseatCAA.jpg  S_2003_04_28_05GooseatCAA.jpg

 Now this guy, doesn't live with us but was having a little rest in the picnic area at work.

I hope to photograph some more of the Canada Geese that come to visit us at CAA (I don't know that they are members).