December 2002

Welcome to December and the various goings on that lead up to Christmas Day and New Years. We start by having Pokey and Jake resting up for all of the fun to come

 S_12_01_02PokeyandJake.jpg  S_12_01_03PokeyandJake.jpg  

 S_12_01_04PokeyandJake.jpg  S_12_01_05PokeyandJake.jpg  S_12_01_06PokeyandJake.jpg

Oh yeah,

Ken and Duffy are resting up as well.

S_12_01_07Allthesleepinganimals.jpg S_12_01_08Allthesleepinganimals.jpg

We had a "baby" day at CAA. Angelo came to visit us.

S_12_03_01AndrewandAngeloatCAA.jpg S_12_03_02AngeloatCAA.jpg S_12_03_03AndrewandAngeloatCAA.jpg
Yvonne just want to see the camera work
S_12_07_01LeeanneandRubydeer.jpg S_12_07_02LeeanneandRubydeer.jpg

Ruby is practicing to be a Rubydeer so that she can fly to Cape Breton for the Holidays

Here is more "Santa" resting up instead of decorating the house

 S_12_07_03SteveandLeeanneSanta.jpg  S_12_07_04SteveandLeeanneSanta.jpg

Christmas spirit abounds as we check out the sale papers...

But don't peek at Steve's paper, Leeanne, get your own like Ruby does!


Monica and Jake finished decorating the tree

 S_12_21_01Decoratethetree.jpg  S_12_21_02Decoratethetree.jpg  S_12_21_03Decoratethetree.jpg  S_12_21_04Decoratethetree.jpg  S_12_21_05Decoratethetree.jpg
S_12_21_06Decoratethetree.jpg S_12_21_07Decoratethetree.jpg S_12_21_08Decoratethetree.jpg S_12_21_09Decoratethetree.jpg S_12_21_10Decoratethetree.jpg
 S_12_21_11Decoratethetree.jpg  S_12_21_12Decoratethetree.jpg  S_12_21_13Decoratethetree.jpg

Jake will now guard the tree from those cats who would run off with the decorations.

This is also referred to the fox guarding the hen house.

Linda entrusted the adding ribbons and bows in attractive colors

 S_12_21_15Lindapresents.jpg  S_12_21_16Lindapresents.jpg  S_12_21_17Lindapresents.jpg  

Ken wore the turkey ??????

On Christmas Eve we were ready to open the Xmas Eve presents

   S_12_24_02Thetree.jpg    S_12_24_03Thetree.jpg  
S_12_24_04Thetree.jpg S_12_24_10XmasEve.jpg S_12_24_11XmasEve.jpg S_12_24_12XmasEve.jpg S_12_24_13XmasEve.jpg
S_12_24_14XmasEve.jpg S_12_24_15XmasEve.jpg S_12_24_16XmasEve.jpg

As we all laid down for a warm winter's sleep Pokey guarded the presents (and boxes) from those who would touch them


 We slept in the comfort that the gifts were protected and then it was time for:

Christmas Day

After Christmas Carolyn came over and got her favorite suit from Chris.

 S_12_27_01Carolyn.jpg  S_12_27_02Carolyn.jpg

Dad tries out his MP3 player


And then Ken and I went appliance shopping

 S_12_30_01Murrayandthedishwasher.jpg  S_12_30_01Newwasheranddryer.jpg  

And now for the grand finale for 2002...